About the PDF Converter Services Online

Based on the market leading Muhimbi PDF Converter Services, a server based product intended for on-premise deployment, the PDF Converter Services Online is a subscription based service accessible via a REST based API as well as third party systems such as Microsoft Flow.

Software developers and workflow designers can use this service to:

  • Convert a large number of file types to PDF with perfect fidelity.
  • Merge multiple files into a single PDF.
  • Apply watermarks.
  • Encrypt PDF files.
  • Apply PDF restrictions (restrict print, copying of content etc).
  • Carry out Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Cross convert files (doc to docx, docx to xlsx, xls to docx etc.)


Functionality can be accessed from a large number of platforms including:

  • Microsoft Flow: While we work with Microsoft's Flow team to include the PDF Converter in the standard set of Flow services, you can manually setup Flow integration as described here.

  • REST Clients: API access has been launched and sample code for the likes of Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP, CURL will be follow shortly. Please keep an eye on our GitHub repository for details. Contact us if you require early access. 

  • Swagger clients: The REST API uses a Swagger based API definition file to describe the available services. Any platform that understands Swagger can consume this file to access the API. The same file can be used to generate client and server libraries for the platform of your choice using editor.swagger.io.

  • SharePoint Online: Integration with the SharePoint Online user interface as well as SharePoint Designer workflows is available today via the PDF Converter for SharePoint Online. Sample code to integrate with client side JavaScript will follow shortly.


For more details see the following articles:


This is a very actively developed product. Check back often or contact us for more information.


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