3rd Party & Open Source Licenses

Muhimbi's line of PDF Conversion software uses a number of 3rd party libraries and technologies. Some are proprietary while others are open source. Care is always taken to make sure that our software is licensed appropriately and with permission to distribute these libraries alongside our software. 

This page contains information and acknowledgements for those licenses where we are required to mention their use.



Starting with version 8.3, the PDF Converter uses a number of QtWebKit and WebKit related libraries. Licensing related details can be found at http://doc.qt.io/archives/qt-5.5/licensing.html and http://doc.qt.io/archives/qt-5.5/licensing.html. Muhimbi provides the above internet links for your convenience only and makes no representation or warranty with regard thereto.

QT5's source code can be found on GitHub.


Qt Core

Components  License 
QSegfaultHandler  BSD-style 
QUrl Modified BSD
Cocoa Platform Plugin  BSD-style 
qtmain library Modified BSD 
Shift-JIS Text Codec  BSD-style 
ISO-2022-JP (JIS) Text Codec  BSD-style 
EUC-JP Text Codec  BSD-style 
EUC-KR TextCodec  BSD-style 
GBK Text Codec  BSD-style 
Big5 Text Codec  BSD-style 
TSCII Text Codec  BSD-style 
Stack-less Just-In-Time compiler  BSD 
Parts of the codecs implemented by Qt  BSD 
Unicode  Permissive, GPL-compatible 
Macros for building Qt files  BSD 
The PCRE library  BSD-style 
Android C++ Run-time 

GPLv3 with grant of additional permission for linking.
forkfd  MIT 
FreeBSD strtoll and strtoull  BSD 
Mesa llvmpipe MIT 
zlib BSD-style 
The Public Suffix List  Mozilla Public License


Qt Gui 

Components  License 
QKeyMapper  Custom, BSD-style 
QImage  BSD 
FreeType  FreeType Project License (BSD Style)
HarfBuzz  BSD-style 
FreeType 2  FreeType Project License (BSD Style)
PNG Reference Library  BSD-style 
Pixman  BSD-style 
Drag and Drop  BSD-style 
ANGLE  BSD-style 


Qt Multimedia

Components  License 
FFTReal (used in example code) LGPL



Components  License 
Qt SVG License Information  BSD-style 


Qt Quick 

Components  License 
Easing Equations  BSD-style 


Qt Print Support 

Components  License 
PDF Licensing  Depends on Qt Gui and Qt Widgets


Qt WebEngine 

Components  License 

Qt WebEngine

LGPL v3 


Qt WebKit

Components  License 
WebKit used by the QtWebKit module

(Depends on Qt Gui, Qt Network, Qt SQL, Qt QML, and Qt Quick)

WebCore LGPL, MIT, BSD-style


Qt Image Formats

Components  License 
JasPer BSD-style
MNG BSD-style
WebP BSD-style



Components  License 
SQLite BSD-style



Components  License 
JPEG BSD-style
IAccessible2 BSD
Cycle MIT
callgrind.h specific license BSD-style
xcb BSD-style
at-spi and at-spi2 LGPL
xkbcommon BSD-style



Starting with version 10.0, the PDF Converter uses Chromium for certain tasks. Licensing related details can be found here. Muhimbi provides this link for your convenience only and makes no representation or warranty with regard thereto.

The source code can be found on GitHub.



Apache Log4Net

The Apache Log4Net library is used for logging purposes. This library uses the Apache License v2.0.




The OpenMcdf library is used for dealign with structured storage. This library uses the Mozilla Public License 1.1.


PSPDFKit for Web

PSPDFKit for Web is used within certain products.  The required acknowledgements for open source software used within PSPDFKit for Web are available here.


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