Upgrading from a pre-8.0 release to a newer release

Upgrading to new versions of the Muhimbi PDF Converter has always been easy. It is a matter of uninstalling the old version and installing the latest download. 

However, as version 8.0 (and later) is based on a completely new installer, slightly more attention is required. The key points are described below.

  1. Determine any custom settings applied to the current deployment (See section 2.8 of the latest Administration Guide)
  2. Uninstall the old (pre 8.0) version using the following steps.
    • Conversion Service: Use 'Add / Remove programs' to uninstall the Muhimbi Conversion Service.
    • SharePoint front end: run uninstall.cmd, which comes with the install set of the old installer. If the install set is no longer available, retract and delete all Muhimbi.pdfconverter.*.wsp files from the Central Administration Solution Management screen.
    • License Manager: Repeat the same step for muhimbi.icensing.*.wsp
  3. Deploy the latest (8.0 or later) release paying close attention to chapter 2 of the latest Administration Guide.
  4. When using the new High Fidelity InfoPath converter (you should) then make sure the 64 bit version of InfoPath is installed on the server running the Conversion Service. The 32 bit version will not work.
  5. Re-apply any custom settings recorded as part of step #1.


This Knowledge Base article does not replace section 2.8 Upgrading from a previous version in the latest Administration Guide. Please read that section in addition to this article.

If there are any questions then please contact us.

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