What is the difference between Muhimbi's various on-premise and Online PDF Conversion products?

The PDF Converter for SharePoint as well as the PDF Converter Services share a common conversion engine. However, these are two separate products and licensed accordingly. The PDF Converter for SharePoint is intended for 'on-premise' deployments and may only be used from SharePoint based environments whereas the PDF Converter Services may be used from any environment including SharePoint, Java, .NET and other web services capable systems.

The PDF Converter Professional license is an add-on that adds additional functionality to either the PDF Converter for SharePoint or the PDF Converter Services. This functionality, e.g. PDF/A post-processing and OCR, is usually associated with more complex environments and has therefore been separated from the main product. Please note that the PDF Converter Professional is a license that must be applied alongside a valid license of the PDF Converter for SharePoint or PDF Converter Services. A separate download of the Professional version of the software is not needed, the license unlocks all functionality.

Then there is the PDF Converter for SharePoint Online. This is a version of the PDF Converter for Office 365 / SharePoint Online and runs 'in the cloud', details can be found on this product's website. Note that the Online version can also be installed in SharePoint on-premise (2013 and later), which may be an option for some customers who do not wish to deploy anything on their own servers. For details see this blog post.

Finally, there is the PDF Converter Services Online. A REST based Cloud service that makes it easy to integrate Conversion, Merging, Watermarking, Securing and OCR in any modern platform and language including PHP, Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps. For more details see this knowledge base article


Make sure you purchase the correct product based on your needs and environment. For more details about licensing our software see this article. A high level overview of the different PDF Converters is available here.

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