Where can I find details about pricing and licensing?

The following only applies to Muhimbi's on-premise products. Details about the PDF Converter for SharePoint Online's subscription tiers can be found here. For details about moving an 'on-premise' license to a SharePoint Online based subscription, see this Knowledge Base article.

Please see the following resources for more details about pricing and licensing:


We use a graded licensing system to make sure you buy the correct license for your budget and needs of the organisation. Full details are outlined in section 3 of the Software License Agreement, but in summary the following license types are available:

  • Free evaluation version: If the software is installed without a license then you are using the evaluation version. The software is fully functional without any time limits, but an evaluation message will be displayed on most screens, in the workflow history and in any generated document. You are not permitted to use the evaluation version in production environments. You can get support using any of the means in our Support area.
  • Basic License: Starter edition for SharePoint farms consisting of a single combined WFE / App server.
  • Small Farm License: Covers a single SharePoint farm consisting of up to 3 servers with support for load balancing and redundancy.
  • Enterprise License: This allows the software to be installed on an unlimited number of farms and servers in a single legal entity.
  • OEM License: If you wish to bundle our software with your own solution and redistribute it to 3rd parties then you require an OEM License. Please read the details in the Software License Agreement if you want to bundle our software with your own solution. From a licensing perspective embedding our software in a SAAS based solution is considered redistributing our software and requires an OEM license. 
Please contact us if you have any questions.
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