Do I need to pay separately for maintenance and support?

This article applies only to 'on-premise' based products. Our range of Online, subscription based, services includes maintenance and support for the full duration of your subscription.


All Muhimbi software comes with the first year of support included in the purchase price. This allows customers to access our support desk and upgrade to the latest software releases at no extra charge. As we release around 3 major new versions of our software each year this is a massive benefit, especially considering each new version adds support for the latest SharePoint, Windows and MS-Office versions.

After the first year you can optionally renew your Maintenance and Support contract. If you don't then your software will continue to work, however you can no longer upgrade to newer versions of our software or access our support desk. The renewal fee is 30% of the current price. For details see this post

You will automatically be contacted between 1 and 2 months before the expiry of your contract so make sure we have the correct contact details on file. 

Renewal orders placed on or before the renewal deadline are charged at 30% of the current full retail price. You have the option to renew late, but please be aware that renewal pricing is increased by 10% for each month the renewal is delayed, starting at the day after the expiry date. For example, if you renew 6 months after your contract has expired you pay 90% (30%+60%) of the new price, leaving only a 10% discount.

Please note that all pricing in this document and on our website (, assume a maximum payment term of 30 days (NET30). If your organisation cannot meet these terms then please contact us for revised pricing.

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