I would like to redistribute / OEM Muhimbi's software as part of my product or include it in a SAAS based solution

The following applies only to Muhimbi's on-premise Software. Our Online subscription services can be used for OEM / SaaS purposes without the need for a special license providing our standard Terms of Service are taken into account.


Most of our software is also available as an OEM license. This means that you can embed it in your own solution and ship our software alongside your own product without the need to purchase separate licenses for every new deployment. Please note that from a licensing perspective we consider embedding our software in a SAAS based solution the same as redistributing our software, which requires an OEM license. (Read this Knowledge Base Article if you are unsure if your products is a SaaS based solution.) 

Naturally there are some strings attached, specifically the fact that your own solution must add significant and primary functionality over our product and is not merely a set or subset of the functionality provided by Muhimbi's product.

For details see the License Agreement, specifically section 3.1.7, 4.5 and 4.6.

The price stated on our website for the OEM license is the base price. This price is intended for those organisations that expect to ship a relatively small number of copies. Depending on the kind of solution you are bundling our product with, the need for bespoke agreements and the number of copies you expect to sell, the final price may differ.

In summary, if you are looking to purchase an OEM license then contact us first.

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