Can I place an order via my reseller or on behalf of someone else?

Muhimbi does not operate a traditional reseller program, which is why we can keep our prices so competitive. However, we realise that many organisations can only make purchases using a pre-approved vendor or software partner. 

To facilitate this need, we allow orders to be placed on behalf of someone else. The steps involved are almost identical to the regular order placement steps. However, please do not download the license key when prompted, instead send the following details to so we can send you a custom license key by email.

  • Company Name: 
  • Address: 
  • Town: 
  • ZipCode:
  • Country:
  • State:
  • Main Contact Person First Name:
  • Main Contact Person Last Name :
  • Main Contact Person Telephone:
  • Main Contact Person Email:

We don't provide discounts to software resellers, but if you are an integrator / consultancy and use our software on multiple projects then please contact for a special purchase code that can be used for all new purchases after the initial purchase. Naturally you are free to set your own price point and charge your customer for your services.

Please make sure you purchase the correct license and amount of licenses.

Please enter your own details when registering on our site / placing the order, not your customers'.


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