How do I place an order (Including renewals)?

Muhimbi's ordering process is fully automated and works as follows:

  1. For 'Online', subscription based, products:
    1. Determine which subscription tier matches your needs.
    2. Click 'Buy now' under the appropriate subscription tier. 
  2. For 'on-premise' products:
    1. Determine which license you need and how many copies.
    2. Click the Buy Now button for the relevant product. (When renewing you can ignore the price)
    3. Add the correct license to your basket.
    4. Update the number of Units and click the Update shopping cart button.
  3. If you have a coupon or renewal code then enter it and click the Apply Code button.
  4. Click the Checkout button and follow the process all the way to the end.
  5. When paying by credit or debit card make sure you follow the process all the way till the end until you have been asked for your credit card details.

There is no need to send us any paperwork such as a Purchase Order. However, if your internal procedures require you to do so then please send it to

Please note that we do not send out any license keys until payment has been made or proof of payment has been provided.

If you are a reseller or purchasing on behalf of someone else then please follow this procedure.

If your organisation requires Muhimbi to fill out forms or paperwork, accept terms and conditions or payment terms beyond 7 days then - in order to prevent delays - we recommend purchasing via one of your preferred software partners. We are happy to work with any software partner and frequently take orders from the likes of SHI, Insight, Comparex, SoftwareOne and CDW.
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