Using the PDF Converter for SharePoint Online Workflow Actions

Although our SharePoint user interface is powerful, yet easy to use, the PDF Converter really shines when used from automated workflows. Automatically convertwatermarksecure and file a document when it reaches a certain status, no problem. Automatically carry out OCR on faxes and scans when they are uploaded…. even easier!

Due to technical limitations in SharePoint Online's App Model, workflow actions must be installed separately, for details see this Knowledge Base Article. Once installed you can create a workflow by navigating to a Document Library, opening the Library ribbon bar, and then selecting Create a workflow in SharePoint Designer under the Settings section. Please make sure you select the SharePoint 2013 workflow engine when asked as the 2010 one is not supported by SharePoint Online. A video tutorial of this process can be found here.

Please note that Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) is supported as well, there is nothing to install, just select 'Muhimbi PDF' from Flow's list of standard Services. For details and examples see this Knowledge Base article.

Before executing your first workflow carry out a single conversion via the user interface. This activates the trial. Without this step your workflows will not work.




The individual workflow actions work exactly the same as the ones that ship alongside the 'on-premise' version of the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint 2007 - 2019. 


For details about how to specify paths (file locations) see this article. Information about dealing with re-usable and site workflows can be found here.

An example that iterates over multiple files in a Document Library, and merge them into a single PDF, all using a SharePoint Designer workflow, can be found here.


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