How does the PDF Converter Online deal with private documents?

Muhimbi's customer base spans all industries, organisational sizes and geographical locations. Different industries and countries have different rules and regulations, for each industry that has no reservations about documents being processed in a secure manner by an automated third party system, there is an industry that does not allow documents to be accessed by third party systems at all, period! No matter how secure the underlying technology is.

Unfortunately, when it comes to SharePoint Online's architecture there is little you can do. It doesn't have native PDF processing facilities and you cannot install any third party software on the SharePoint Online servers at all. Therefore third party solutions must be hosted on external servers.

When a customer's SharePoint environment instructs our software to process a file (convert, merge, watermark, OCR, etc) our servers retrieve the document from the customer's SharePoint site using a secure connection. The file is then processed after which the processed file is sent back to the customer's SharePoint environment. It is then deleted from our servers. Muhimbi does not store or retain customer files once the operation has completed and our software cannot access customer systems unless the request is initiated by the customer.


At Muhimbi we are very much aware of the limitations, and strengths, of the SharePoint Online platform, which is why we offer a number of different solutions to customers with strict security or regulatory requirements:

  1. Shared Servers in a region of your choice: Customers with an Enterprise Subscription can choose the geographic region to process files in. Ideal for companies who must process their data in their own territory (e.g. US / Canada / Europe / Australia /  Asia / South America or Germany). 
  2. Dedicated Servers hosted by Muhimbi: Using this solution Muhimbi sets up separate servers for exclusive use by a single customer in a geographic region of their choice. Servers are hosted by Microsoft and managed / maintained by Muhimbi. 
  3. Dedicated Servers hosted by Customer: Using this solution customers host the servers in a facility of their choice (internal or external). Both the hard and software are maintained by customers' internal IT staff. 

Solutions 2 and 3 are only available to customers subscribing to the Custom subscription level. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.


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